It is now the Nationals Association Of Falcon GT Clubs Incorporated (NAFGTC Inc).  On the 27th of January, The Dept of Commerce in Western Australia approved the Rules of Association an issued the Certificate of Incorporation.


On Sunday April 3, 2017 the first official AGM of the NAFGTC Inc. was held as part of the Falcon GT Nationals Conference in Perth.  The first item of business was to adopt the a set of By Laws which included the Code of Conduct, Councourse Guidelines and Concourse Judging sheets.


The first Executive Committee was elected and membership fees were set.


David Watts from the Falcon GT Club of Australia was elected Chairperson, Adrian Powell from the Falcon GT Club of Newcastle won the position of Vice Chairperson.


Gary Thirlwell from the Falcon GT Club of WA takes up the position of Secretary and Michael Stavrides is the first Treasurer.  Mark Barraclough is the Chief Judge for the Association.