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Beyond the cars, the big attraction of the GT Nationals is the opportunity to catch up with our GT friends from around Australia and enjoy their company over a few beers/drinks.  Organisors wish to encourage the friendships and the social interactions between entrants.

Entrants are asked to be mindful that the GT movement (i.e. GT Nationals) does not always have sole occupancy of a motel.  Therefore entrants and their friends are asked to be considerate of other hotel guests particularly on nights prior to and after the official start and finish of the event. Please also familarise yourself with our Code of Conduct.

Entrants are also asked to be a little tolerant of those that do wish to party.  We suggest a curfew of midnight be self imposed by entrants, i.e. tone it down after this time or move to an area away from where others are likely to be sleeping, or trying to sleep.

The NAFGTC Inc. wishes to maintain good relationships with the public and the management of the establishments used for the concourse each time.  We need to leave them wanting us to return, not have them blacklist us.



As the GT Nationals becomes a bigger event each time there are more vehicles moving about and many more people.  Parents should consider the following.

It is important for parents to cater for the children when participating at the GT Nationals, and parents will bring along a variety of toys and equipment to entertain the children.  Whilst outdoor activity should be encouraged, and scooters, bikes and skateboards are ideal for this type of activity, they can also be very hazardous.

With a lot of vehicle movement in the car park during the Nationals the chance of a vehicle being damaged by a child riding a scooter etc, or more importantly a child being injured when colliding with a car is ever increasing with more people participating.

We do not wish to ban these items from National events so we ask parents to properly supervise their children and ensure they have the necessary skills and understanding to use scooters, bikes and skateboards in a crowded carpark.

 kids bikes scooters

Car Park Etiquette

The NAFGTC and GT Nationals organisoring committee are all accutely aware of the security issues owners face with their cars, and the desire to have their pride and joy close by and secure.  While organisors make every effort to select appropriate venues it is impossible to find the perfect solution for everyone.

As an Entrant please work with organisors and be considerate of the needs of fellow entrants to be able to park their car near their room and be able to move to and from the motel when they need.  The freedom of movement is particular important in an emergency. There have been situations in the past where entrants have locked fellow entrants in and there have been arguments over parking spaces.

Most motels have 1 bay per room plus a few extras, therefore you can only use one parking bay per room.  To make for a harmonious event you are asked follow the following Car Park ettiquette:

  • Park your vehicle within the bay allocated to your room.
  • If you have a another vehicle and/or trailer, please talk with the organising club as to suitable places to park these and ensure you utilise this area correctly.
  • Please ensure you leave adequate room for other hotel guests to get their vehicles in and out easily.
  • Check with your neighbours to see if you can make use of their car space if they do not have a GT.
  • Please park your vehicle "nose first" as some motels have carbon monoxide sensors in addition to smoke sensors and parking your vehicle in reverse may set off the alarm.