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Previous GT Nationals

  Year Host City Host State Entrants Cars
1 1985 Melbourne Victoria    
2 1987 Nerang Queensland   91
3 1989   New South Wales    
4 1991   Victoria    
5 1993 Brisbane Queensland    
6 1995 Bathurst New South Wales    
7 1997 Geelong Victoria    
8 1999 Adelaide South Australia    
9 2001 Brisbane Queensland    
10 2003 Bathurst New South Wales    
11 2005 Ballarat Victoria    
12 2007 Perth Western Australia 206 170
13 2009 Adelaide South Australia
14 2011 Brisbane Queensland    
15 2013 Bathurst New South Wale    
16 2015 Melbourne Victoria    
17 2017 Perth Western Australia    
18 2019 Adelaide South Australia    
19 2021 Gold Coast Queensland    


1998 the group of clubs that had banded together for the GT Nationals decided to start formalising and standardising the event and this began by holding a Conference for the group to start standardising judging rules/driteria.  Through this conference a set of rules was formulated and continue to be refined for each Nationals.  The conference is held 12 months prior to the GT National Concourse.

In 2002 it was decided to give the association a name - National Association of Falcon GT Clubs an by 2006 had settled on a logo.  By 2010 the association formulated a Code of Conduct for entrants and is began on becoming an incorporated body.  At the 2016 Conference a set of Rules were agreed upon and the association became incorporated.