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2021 GT Nationals and Covid 19

The NAFGTC Inc. Executive Committee has met with representatives from the 2021 GT Nationals organising committee to discuss the implications of Covid 19 Pandemic.

This outbreak had already forced a change to a Teleconference for the Conference in May as you already know.

With the end point and full impact of the pandemic being a guessing game, the organising committee are concerned about the impact this will have on the Concourse in 2021, and they feel a postponement may be inevitable.

The organising committee and the host venues have put a lot of work into preparing for the 2021 GT Nationals and all are very keen to see this go ahead and to be a success for all.

With that in mind, the decision of the NAFGTC Inc Executive Committee and the Queensland representatives is that everything is put on hold for now. The consensus was that the GT Nationals will most likely be postponed for a minimum of 6 months.

Moving forward the plan is:


  • Hold monthly committee meetings to review the situation.


  • The AGM needs to be held and will be a Teleconference on Sunday May 24 in the afternoon. A time that is friendly to W.A. and N.Z. will be announced shortly


  • Conference to be put back until around July.


  • Communication to go out to all clubs with an update after each committee meeting.


  • Full delgates meeting will be held once we have some clarity.


  • Entries for event and bookings for hotel are on hold. No entries etc. until a final decision is made and entries are officially opened.


  • Final decision to be made no later than 6 months from today, and will be made sooner if possible.


Please ensure you confirm any information regarding the 2021 Falcon GT National Concourse event has come directly to you from either the NAFGTC Chairperson or Secretary, or the 2021 GT Nationals Chairperson. You can confirm any information by visiting the NAFGTC Inc website – If you read it on Facebook, confirm it on the NAFGTC Inc website.

During these times of great uncertainty please make sure you put the health of yourself and your loved ones first. While being involved in a club or Nationals activities can be a welcome distraction, no-one should feel compelled to continue with these activites if it compromises your health or the health of your family.

Everyone’s physical and emotional health is the most important thing during this pandemic and as a group we want to see everyone come out the otherside fit and well. Please ensure you reach out for any assistance you may need, there are others that can and will help.

Until our next update, stay well and stay safe.

NAFGTC Inc Executive Committee and

2021 Falcon GT Nationals Organising Committee