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As the GT Nationals becomes a bigger event each time there are more vehicles moving about and many more people.  Parents should consider the following.

It is important for parents to cater for the children when participating at the GT Nationals, and parents will bring along a variety of toys and equipment to entertain the children.  Whilst outdoor activity should be encouraged, and scooters, bikes and skateboards are ideal for this type of activity, they can also be very hazardous.

With a lot of vehicle movement in the car park during the Nationals the chance of a vehicle being damaged by a child riding a scooter etc, or more importantly a child being injured when colliding with a car is ever increasing with more people participating.

We do not wish to ban these items from National events so we ask parents to properly supervise their children and ensure they have the necessary skills and understanding to use scooters, bikes and skateboards in a crowded carpark.

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